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Ad in March Philadelphia Magazine

DiLorenzo Realty Group Ad in Philadelphia Magazine

Look for this ad on page 56 in the March edition of Philadelphia Magazine!

Ad in Philadelphia Style

Ad in Philadelphia Style Charity and Social Datebook

Sports Betting Comes to New Jersey

Debra DiLorenzo published an article about sports betting coming to New Jersey in the Downbeach Buzz. You can read the article here.

Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey Logo Sports Betting

Longport Dunes Construction Update Video

Longport Dunes Under Construction from DiLorenzo Realty Group on Vimeo.

Take a Virtual Tour of A Longport Bayfront Lot!

For more information contact Denise Gibbons at (609) 335-6181.

Latest Ruling on Margate Dunes

Informative article on the latest legal developments regarding the Margate Dune Project:  Judge Rules Margate May Challenge State in Dunes/Eminent Domain Case


We Sell the Beach

In 2015, the tradition of excellence continued as we sold Longport & Margate’s largest beachfronts.  Coincidence?  We don’t think so.  We are the DiLorenzo Realty Group: experienced, trusted, independent – and determined to stay that way.

We Sell the Beach

Welcome to the DRG Blog!

If you’ve ever purchased a home, you know that the process is people-heavy: buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, appraisers, mortgage officers, surveyors, home inspectors, title officers…you get the idea.  (While our office will be just a few of the people in your home-buying experience, we sure hope we’re the fun ones!)

And listen – we LOVE real estate – and all of the people it comes with.  That’s why our team is in business.  So you’ll see all sorts of real estate information on the DRG Blog: market trends; featured homes; decor ideas; tips for buying and selling.

But the DRG Blog is an opportunity for you to get to know us – your real estate people!  You’ll find out that Joe can often be found at the Zen Den, leading Tuesday and Thursday night yoga classes; that Suzy is known for orchestrating huge neighborhood meals with mouth-watering menus; that Jaime balances her time at The Borgata with being a yoga instructor and an agent; that Kristen has an ice cream addiction (thanks to 12 years at Ben & Jerry’s) and is kicking off a huge house lift and renovation.

We hope we can be your real estate people.  Stop by often and get to know us!

– The DiLorenzo Realty Group Team



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