Marvelous Margate

General Information: City of Margate

Great Happy Hour Pizza & Outdoor Bar:  Ventura’s Greenhouse

Cutest 32′ Tall Elephant: Lucy the Elephant

Killer Manhattans & Famous Tomato Salad : Steve & Cookie’s

(And, on that note, Fantastic Local Artist & Oyster Bar Bartender: Jon Baker)

Perfect Mix of Fine Dining & Fun Bar Scene: Tomatoe’s

Scrumptious Wood-Grilled Happy Hour Menu: Sofia’s

Local LATE Night Watering Hole: Maynard’s

Life-Changing Donuts & Dogs: Junior’s

Legendary Wings & Famous Penguin Plunge Hosts: Robert’s Place

Gluten-Free? Organic? Responsibly Harvested?  Visit Pamela’s Health & Harmony

Historic Neighborhood Featured in a Board Game: Marven Gardens