Nothing says it better than SOLD!

Why choose DiLorenzo Realty Group when selling your home?  Two big reasons: Experience and Teamwork.

According to the Wall Street Journal, experienced veteran real estate agents “vastly outsell their rookie counterparts,” and not only are they almost twice as likely to successfully sell your home, experienced agents also sell homes for an average 12.4% more in price than their less experienced colleagues, and they sell them 32% more quickly!  Our broker has over 20 years of experience buying and selling on the island. This experience pays off!

Our office is also unique in how its organized.  Our agents aren’t in competition against each other; we work together as a team.  We share contact lists and meet weekly to discuss our clients’ wish lists, in hopes of using each agent’s connections to benefit all of our buyers and sellers.  Why have one agent marketing your home, when you can have a whole team?

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